Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Blogging Enough!

I got told I was not blogging enough after seeing some girlfriends this weekend, so I will try to be better.  This past week was the best ever! I worked in the pediatric emergency department (aka the ER) and I loved it! I was happy to get out of bed Sunday morning at 6am to go to work if that tells you how great it was.  Then today I received the Bythewood and Baker Memorial Scholarship Award for Women Medical Students, which is scholarship awarded each year to an outstanding female student. 

As for excited wedding things, I signed a contract with a photographer this week.  We will have our engagement photos taken this summer while we are in Wisconsin.  I also have a florist and a rental company that I am super psyched about. These crazy wedding ideas are starting to come together.  My cousin posted this Tara Guerard wedding in my honor on her blog, and I fell in love with it.  It has inspired many ideas for my wedding!

It is awesomely gorgeous!!!  Thank you Kelli for figuring out my wedding before I could! Love you!

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