Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Abrupt Change of Wedding Plans!

So this weekend was amazing, because I BOUGHT MY DRESS!!! I found my dress at the first store...piece of cake.  Mom bawled when the consultant put a veil on with me wearing the dress and that was the end, purchased.  I will say I did a LOT of research prior to dress shopping and the only clue to what my dress looks like is that it is posted in this blog already.  I LOVE IT! 

At the next store, Bella Bridesmaid, I finally got to see the Lula Kate dresses I have been lusting after in person.  Unfortunately, I didn't love the blues and greens as I had hoped.  Instead I fell in love with a taupe/champagne colored dress that I had seen in a picture and also previously posted on this blog! Once we adjusted our dress color away from greens and blues, I realized I could FINALLY have my pink peony bouquet as I walked down the aisle.  My fate was sealed - a taupe and white wedding with pink accents.  I have to admit that I should have seen this coming months ago when I started painting multiple rooms in my home beige and taupe shades with white accents, but I did not.  I am so excited about these color changes.  Here are some photos of ideas I love:

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