Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trauma Surgery and Pastels

 I have had an awesome first week of trauma surgery full of motor vehicle accidents, gun shot wounds and more.  I cannot even begin to explain the excitement I get when my trauma pager goes off and I get to head down to the trauma unit of the emergency room, gown up and get ready for our patient to arrive.  It is truly an adrenaline rush.  We had quite a few trauma alerts this week as well as some elective surgeries.  I cut out someone's appendix yesterday laparoscopically, which was awesome! On my day off, I did some wedding work.  I finally started contacting vendors and looking at dresses, both bridesmaids and bridal.  I'm considering a change in wedding colors, since I'm so far out, I figure its safe to change a little- nothing drastic- just adding a little pastel color action.  Maybe this change is because I have only seen myself in pale blue scrubs in the last week!!! 
Anyway here is a navy and green weddings that I love from the Vue:

 This is another navy blue and green wedding from Southern Weddings Magazine!

 Love it! Got to head to bed since waking up at 4:30 isn't easy!

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